First Year Jitters

As I approach my first official year as a teacher there are many questions going through my mind as I prepare for my career. How will I constantly keep my students engaged? What classroom management skills will be the most effective? Will my students comprehend my lessons? Many of these questions have actually been answered in many of my pedagogical classes, but until I actually experience them they will only remain theories. I began to do some research and I came across an article titled “Advice for First-Year Teachers”. The article describes how they asked “sophomore” teachers to reflect on their successes and failures, and to also provide advice to first year teachers.



Here are some advice pointers given:

Take charge

Keep students busy and engaged

Get peer support

Get parental support

Organize yourself

Organize your students

Write and reflect

Have fun


The article even provided 1st year teachers an ABCs list

Admit your mistakes — and learn from them.

Be firm but flexible.

Communicate with parents.

Develop a homework policy — and stick to it.

Empower your students; don’t just lecture to them.

Find time to attend after-school events.

Get to know all the teachers in your school and make friends with the cooks, custodians, aides, and secretaries.

Have the courage to try something else if what you’re doing isn’t working.

Institute a clear discipline policy — and enforce it consistently.

Just listen — both to what the kids are saying and to what they’re not saying.

Keep a journal.

Learn your school’s policies and procedures.

Model desired attitudes and behavior.

Non carborundum ignorami. (Don’t let the imbeciles wear you down.)


Prepare interesting lessons.

Quit worrying and just do your best.

Remember that you teach students first, then you teach whatever academic discipline you learned.

Stay alert.

Take pictures.

Understand that the learning process involves everyone — teachers, students, colleagues, and parents — and get everyone involved.

Volunteer to share projects and ideas, and don’t be afraid to ask others to share their ideas with you.

Work within your limits.

Xpect the unexpected — and plan for it!

Yell if you need support.

Zero in on your strengths, not your weaknesses. (Remember — nobody’s perfect!)



As a teacher…


Financial Literacy in High School Classes

I  recently came across an article entitled “Young Adults Want Money Management in High School” and immediately thought that this would be a good read. While in college I struggle on a day to day basis financially. I’m in the “in between ” stages of life when it comes to education, my career, and making money. I’ve often wondered why I did not get taught earlier about managing my money in a strategic way. Nicole Gorman, author of this article mentions that most young adults would like to have the opportunity to learn about money management while in high school. “Financial literacy is a big topic in K-12 education because while many agree it would be beneficial to students’ respective futures, very few states require it be taught in schools” (Gorman,2016). Why aren’t more schools interested in teaching the the future how to effectively mange money? Will the educational system adopt this subject into the curriculum? Many questions began go surface while reading this text.Students should be taught at earlier ages how to save, spend, and conserve their money in a positive manner.Below I have attached a link where the article can be read. What are your opinions on finically literally in high school being taught?



I Sure Wish I Had Known

I really wish I had known….

Before I had promised my parents that I would spend four years at a  University and get my bachelors degree. Before I committed to Prairie v\View A&M University. I really wish I would’ve known the work and dedication that it would take to be a teacher. Especially when I changed my major from nursing to education, I thought I was doing myself a favor. I thought it would be so much more easier, just a breeze really. The nerve of some people to call what we go through “glorified babysitters” please. I sure wish there were people who understood the things that we have to deal with in this profession. I wish I had known the long nights I would spend studying, and the long weekends I would spend in the library.

But for all the things that I didn’t know, When I graduate I will know that I will spend the rest of my life in a profession that I love, that I admire, and that I know that I have worked my butt off for.

I sure know now.


Is Common Core… Common Sense?

Since last semester we’ve been hearing the term very loosely around our classrooms, “Common Core”.

It made me think to myself what exactly is coming core, and  what’s the difference in common core and what we’ve been doing for the past few generations in our school districts. During my research I read that common core “proved surprisingly durable 2015”. However most people are skeptical about changing and trying out new standards and curriculum, because of the hassle, and I guess money we will spend in the meantime to to combine the curriculum around the country. I think that Common core is something that can prove to make our country grow stronger in the education field, especially against other countries whom we are losing to on the education ladder. Common core is something that I think that would benefit every students around America. Just think about it, wouldnt it be amazing if you lived in New Jersey, and you moved across the country to Texas, and you would still be on the same curriculum. I think that would be amazing.


“What You Talking Bout”Whitlowe!

“What do you mean we have to be certified before April, its February”

“Are you serious” as I overheard a few of my fellow classmate saying in the background of my CUIN class Monday morning.
They have once again changed a huge requirement and  told us at the last minute what the requirements are.Forgive me if I’m wrong but I do believe my advisor is supposed to notify us of any new changes being made in our degree plan. But that’s not the case when it comes to Whitlowe.R Green College of Education. This department has to be one of the most unorganized departments, and just for the fact that they won’t let the students be great. The reason I say this is because we have been let down time and time again by people that we are supposed to look to for the information regarding our futures, and time and time we are disappointed with the delivery that they choose.
Will they ever get it right? istock_help